Marbach Plumbing

Residential Services

Quality service for quality homes

Proudly Providing Residential Plumbing Repair, Service, and Installation in Rockport, Fulton, Holiday Beach, Lamar, Ingleside, and Aransas Pass.

Water Line Repair

You can count on us to be there when you need your pipes fixed!  We offer Residential Plumbing Repair services that will get your water line fixed and working properly.

Gas Lines / Leak Detection

Your safety is important to us. You can rely on Marbach Plumbing Co. to the job done right!

Leak Detection

Finding and repairing broken pipe can be exhausting. In some cases, you might find that you have to break your slab open to get to the leaking pipe. Don’t let this take up your day. Let us help!

Water Heater Repair & Installation

No one likes taking cold showers. If you have been experiencing issues with your water heater, it might be time to call in a professional. We also offer tankless water heaters.

New Construction / Remodel

With our knowledge of the industry and high quality equipment, we’ll have your home looking and working fabulous in no time!

Sewer Line Repair

Our experienced team is equipped to handle sewer line blockages, leaks, and damages, ensuring your sewage system functions smoothly, preventing potential disruptions to your property. 

Toilet Repair

Trust our expert team for efficient toilet repair solutions that address various plumbing problems in your bathroom. From handling leaks and stubborn clogs to resolving flush issues, we’re dedicated to ensuring your toilet operates smoothly and your bathroom remains trouble-free.”

Drain Cleaning

Tired of waiting for your drain to well…drain? Give us a call and we can professionally clean it to prevent bad smells and slow flow.

Faucet/Sink Repair & Installation

Our expert technicians are ready to tackle any sink issue, from leaks and clogs to faucet replacements, ensuring your plumbing fixtures work flawlessly.

Plumbing System Inspection

Explore our comprehensive plumbing inspection services, designed to assess the condition of your plumbing system thoroughly. Our certified inspectors will identify potential issues, leaks, or inefficiencies, helping you maintain a trouble-free and efficient plumbing system for your home or business.